Looking for people for 10 min interviews! Please help!

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Hi Olga, happy to help. I also added your post in "Asks" to farther your reach. Feel free to ping me next steps. :)
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Awesome Hannah! Writing you, hope I can figure out how to do it :-)
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Also happy to help. My side hustle is a e-commerce cookie business. Feel free to email me directly at ginavriens@gmail.com
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Thank you so much, Gina! I wrote you a letter! Hope to talk to you soon.
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Can also be free for a customer discovery interview and am familiar with these if you need help, TerrisaDuenas@gmail.com. Welcome!
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Awesome Terrisa! I wrote you an email! Looking forward to your response
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Hello! Happy to help you!
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thanks! DM you
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I'd love to help! If you still need folks, please message me: lindseymiranda@gmail.com
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Hi Mira, thank so much! I wrote you an email, lets talk when you have time :-)
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Sounds good, I look forward to it :)
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If you need another @OlgaNikitina email me - emily@straplets.com - I run two e-commerce brands
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Emily, yes I do! Thanks so much I wrote you an email.