How to secure new job + salary after career switch to tech and three extensions of an internship

Hi All -

I need some career advice on securing a new job in tech.

The Rundown:

I've started off professionally working in content marketing in various roles. Over the span of 6 years, I've gained more experience in content marketing, writing and digital marketing. In addition to working these jobs, I've also experimented with starting and operating a few businesses in ecommerce and digital marketing. I'm not new to the job market but I knew I wanted something different for my career.

So I decided to attend a bootcamp for UX/UI Design to help my transition to tech. While attending the bootcamp, I was able to secure an internship at a software company starting off as a Product Writer and then transitioned into Product Design while my title at the company still lists me as a Product Writer Intern. They mentioned something about it being a lot to officially changed my title.

I've been at my current company since August of 2021. My internship has been extended three times. Twice from a manager who's no longer at the company and once from my current manager. The pay has been the same each time and honestly, it's very low.

Back in April, I started applying more aggressively to jobs as I was ready to take on more responsibility, an increase in salary and full benefits.

I've had several job interviews for Product Design and Product Management roles both junior and mid-level positions. I've advanced to second and third rounds of interviews, but haven't been able to secure an offer yet.

Additionally, I've talked with my current manager about wanting to become a full-time employee at the company. After speaking with him about my interests and natural inclinations, he chalked it up that I may be a better fit for a Product Marketing role and encouraged me to apply for an entry-level marketing position in the marketing department.

I applied and interviewed with four people - in which many times, I've had to reschedule interviews with them because they missed the interview. They all expressed interest in bringing me on, but when it came time to make a decision, they decided to tell me that they've paused on the job search and won't be hiring me for that role - which I think they knew the entire time.

After that happened, I went back to my manager and asked if they'd be interested in hiring me on full-time as a Product Designer since I'm doing the exact same work as the other designers I work with, have gotten good reviews and understand the product better since I've been with them for a while now. However, he expressed that the next role would be for a Product Designer with significant more experience.

So, currently, while I'm still applying for jobs and attending interviews, I feel stuck.

The Ask

I'm reaching out for some advice from anyone who's been in a similar position. I believe I have the right experience for a Product Marketing role but it seems like hiring managers want tons of experience in that direct role though I have transferrable skills. However, I'm not stuck on PMM, I just want to secure a role I find interest, I can bring value to and feel like it's worth my time by making an impact.

What would you suggest I do so that I may secure a job that will fit well with my experience along with securing a significant increase in salary?

It's a frustrating process, but I know that's just part of the game.

Usually, I wouldn't ask for advice on a public forum, but I'm open to all helpful advice and tips on securing your dream job.

Thanks everyone!