Love your thoughts on CTO+Founding Member job description

We tried really hard to make our job description not boring. We want to be like a cool job posting, not a regular job posting (cue Amy Poehler in Mean Girls)…cus we want to find ✨ cool ✨  people to work on Huxly with us.

We’re about to share this far and wide, so we do have two asks:

  • developers and engineers do you have any feedback on the posting for us?
  • do you know anyone looking to be apart of a founding team with a desire to join a growing startup that is making a positive impact?? (+ finder fee if we hire them!)

👉 Job Description here:

A bit about us + a bit about what we are looking for in a Founding Team Member:

  • We’re here to positively impact how social media shapes mental health…do you want to make people’s time online better? So do we!
  • We’re here to build a real community both in house and with our product OneOnOnes, where we can have real conversations, etc…Do you want to build relationships? We do too!
  • We’re here to grapple with our role within capitalism and make $$$$…do you believe we can do both? We do.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

I would add more detail about the company stage, the number of co-founders and if you have raised money. And what your product will be. A website/iphone app, etc... because you need to filter for people with the technical skills you want. You need to make it really clear if this is a paid position and/or of you are looking for people to work in exchange for equity. You don't need to add a ton of detail but maybe say what the company/product will do? "We’re here to positively impact how social media shapes mental health" means nothing to me. What will it be? A social app `a la Facebook? An app to find therapists? The person you are hiring should at least know what you want to build. You can mention similar apps so that she has an idea of what you are looking for.
Hi Sierra, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, greatly appreciated. I am not sure if it was clear, but the link at the top (also including here: has our full job description, including what we've already built and metrics we've already achieved, etc. Am really curious what you think of the detail there. Thanks again!
The ad looks really good. If you are not offering compensation I would consider looking for people through YC co-founder matching
I stopped reading as soon as you dropped the f-bomb. For me, having that in a job description is a strong signal that the company culture is not a fit for me.Maybe I'm just not the type of cool you're looking for. lol
Thanks for your honest feedback! I will for sure share it with my co-founder.