Help Thinking Through Hiring For My Startup 🚀

Hi Everyone!

I am in the process of raising my seed round and my first $1M just funded which means I can finally make my first hires to help me and LOCKER grow! To date, I used independent contractor engineers to build the product but think I would like to bring engineering in house by hiring a founding engineer. I would love to hire a female engineer!!! But I am also up against the clock for hiring and don't want to rush into any hire as it is such an imporant decision at this stage of the company. Another alternative would be to use a dev shop to keep costs down but I am worried about that experience!! Does anyone have any experience with dev shops or have any leads for a female founding engineer hire!? 🙏🙏🙏

Hey Kristine, I work for a software dev agency so if you have any questions about what the working relationship is like or anything let me know!
Hi @kristinelocker - I would recommend utilising your network to its full potential as well as relevant communities like Elpha, Adas List, WoW and so many more. Do you know any female CTO/founders from the top of your head? Reach out to them and ask how did they end up in this role - you will be able to get some good insights going directly to the source. And 100% agree, take your time - it's a big hire and you want to get it right. I've developed a bootcamp for early stage founders focusing exactly on this. Happy to connect and chat more if relevant! Inga has an awesome network of female engineers and is great at this! I'd recommend reaching out to them : )