Looking for Shoppers 🛍https://www.wantlocker.com

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Congrats on launching! Not sure if you are familiar with the concept but this reminded me of LTK.it www.liketoknowit.comespecially on the inspo side of it!
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Hi Iynna! Thank you for your response! I am familiar with LiketoKNOW.it. With LTK.it a user is only able to save pieces linked to the app via an influencers and therefore it limits the ability for someone to save anything they find when shopping online for themselves. It is also not a platform that allows users to shop / be inspired by the style of their peers. Please let me know if you would like to start creating your Locker <3
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Wow wonderful - thank you for clarifying this! I will definitely hit you up when it makes sense for me to try out - not a huge online shopper hehe!