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Hello Elphas!

I’m Andrea Griffiths, and I’m Senior Product Manager at GitHub.

Before joining GitHub, my career path was quite the journey! I went from the military to construction management, and eventually landed in the tech industry 🚀. As an immigrant Latina and US Army veteran, I've faced unique challenges along the way.

For self-care, I enjoy spending time with my sons 👩‍👦‍👦, sweating it out in hot yoga 🧘‍♀️, and hitting the golf course ⛳.

If you've got questions or want to chat about transitioning from the army to tech, making big life decisions, nailing product management 📈, developer relations 👩‍💻, stepping out of your comfort zone, building communities 🌐, working with folks from around the world 🌍, or anything else, just shoot! I'm here to share my insights and experiences. 😊🌟

Thanks so much for joining us @andreagriffiths11!Elphas – please ask @andreagriffiths11 your questions before Friday, September 22nd. @andreagriffiths11 may not have time to answer every questions, so emoji upvote your favorites 🔥👍🏾➕
Thank you very much for the opportunity @ElphaStaff
Thanks for offering your time and knowledge, Andrea! What is an example of a good project for a Product Manager to have in their portfolio?
Hello @andreagriffiths11Nice to e-meet you and thank you for offering your time to help others out.I am starting a new PM role soon, and I would appreciate some insights into how to nail it in the first 30 days.Context : The fact that the company operates in an entirely new domain that I have never worked in before, as well as it being a startup makes me really nervous and apprehensive.Additionally, please if you have time for a quick chat, that would be awesome.If not, responding here is great as well 🙂
What are the top 3 advice you would give to someone who would want to transition into PM/PMM from data analytics (with no background in the product field)?
Hi @andreagriffiths11!Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions here. I am interested in switching from Project Management to Product Management and I was wondering how you learned your technical skills to become a Product Manager? If you could speak more about that transition, that would be great.Thank you so much in advance.
Hi Andrea! Thanks for taking the time. How did you upscale in what is quite a technical product with no apparent technical background
Thanks for offering your time and knowledge here @andreagriffiths11! If you had to start your career in product management all over again - what would you do differently or what advice would you give yourself?
Thanks for making the time, Andrea! You've got such a fascinating background – what are some parallels or transferable skills you see between your experience in the army and your PM career? And was PM an obvious path when you were in the army?
As a career transitioner, I'm interested in your perspective on using crises as a catalyst for changing one's career direction. How do you approach significant career decisions, such as switching careers? Specifically, how do you determine whether a change is necessary and, if so, when is the right time to make that change?
Hi Andrea, thanks for sharing. I was curious to know when you knew it was time to change course? 😊
Thanks so much for your time, Andrea!I would love to learn more about how you've handled career transitions while being a parent. Have you ever faced challenges in that? Do you have any advice or learnings you could share with a new parent here? 😅
Thank you for sharing your insights, Andrea! What are your thoughts on getting out of your comfort zone? How do you reduce the anxiety just before a big meeting ?
thank you for your time @andreagriffiths11! I’m in product myself too, CPO at an early-stage start up. I’m, besides many other things than work, also a very happy mother (1.5yo daughter). What are some things you do to balance out time to be present with your kids, as well as free up time to extend your knowledge and skills as a product professional? (Not looking for a magic bullet btw - consider this a question I also ask for mental support 😝)