New to Elpha, any advice

Hello! I'm Mina and I just created my Elpha account to connect with professionally driven, creative women in the graphic design field (and any other field!!) Does anyone have advice on how to make these connections or how to gain reach? Would love hearing from you guys and growing these relationships 😄

Welcome Mina, it's super nice to meet you and have you here. Absolutely! We have tons of community incl a design one if you are interested in checking posts there, we often have Elpha members-organised meetups in different cities. Where are you based? We have Elphas all over the world so chances are there's another Elpha where you are! Check out our meetups community at And lastly, if you are thinking about job opps, check out our elpha companies that are hiring (perhaps there are some roles that will speak to you) as well as where members promote roles they're hiring for and whatnot.