Seeking connections in start-up tech

Hey Elphas!

I am looking to connect with some awesome ladies in start up environments.

I'm graduating a UX/UI bootcamp and an in the beginning search of looking for a role in product design. My mentor says I'm "on a whole other level" and believes with my expertise and transferable skills I could apply for a junior or mid level.

In return, I have a decent connection base on LinkedIn, I know a little about everything, and I can be that person to support you in whatever you do 💕

Can you tell us a little more about the role you're looking for? What are you passionate about? Where do you want to work?
@allisonk @iynna I'm really interested in travel tech, edtech (like language apps), and recruitment marketing tech and such. I'm really drawn to colorful software and know I wouldn't be happy doing things like fintech/banking or know, stuff that's more "official" or "corporate" look.I have a list of small startups with under 250 employees in the B to C series that I'm interested in but of course they don't hire often unless it's for SW developers. I'd much prefer to be in a smaller company so I can have more creative freedom and open to new ideas. I'm specifically looking for remote first or at least open to letting me have autonomy since I'm a digital nomad.I'm looking for connections that have tips or even other connections they can introduce me to in these industries. I'm not horribly picky about a specific industry as long as it's not financial.
Very cool! Are you looking for remote work or do you have a geographic preference?If you have a small list, maybe see if anybody in the Elpha networking works at any of those places and try to reach out.
I'm looking for remote work. I'm American, but live in Japan and will be moving to Portugal next year. I'm open to either contract or W2 positions.
Congrats on graduating the bootcamp and making this switch in your career. In addition to @allisonk's questions, what type of connections are specifically looking for? eg industry, stage, functions. Helpful if you give us some ideas of the type of individuals you'd like to talk to!
Happy to help. If you connect w me on Linkedin you can scroll through my many many connections and if someone is interesting to you, happy to intro you. Theres a few people I can also link you to who share new roles in design all the time.
Thanks! I would definitely appreciate that. I sent you a connection request on LinkedIn.