I'm new πŸ˜…

👋 Hey ladies! I'm thrilled to be part of this network.

My background is diverse, with experience in sales, marketing, and recruitment. Currently, I'm enrolled in a UX Bootcamp, honing my skills as a product designer. I'm on the lookout for an exciting role in travel-tech, edtech, or SaaS at a startup. If you're in those industries or have insights into design roles, I'd love to connect! Let's chat and explore opportunities together.

Welcome Samantha! It’s wonderful having you here. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of different things in your career! I presume you want to launch your career post bootcamp into product design? Feel free to take a look at this page of our partner companies currently hiring than that are there companies that have caught your attention?
Hey Iynna, thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, I'm not opposed to launching it sooner, but I'm planning for post bootcamp as I don't have a portfolio yet. I have quite a few companies on my list, however, most of them are small startups so there's not a lot of employees that are engaged online. Three of my bigger named companies I'm looking out for are Airbnb, TravelPerk, and Zapier.
Welcome to Elpha Samantha! Just FYI that I updated your tag from Job Board (for people who are hiring) to Job Hunting and also added a Design tag :)
Oh thank you!