Non-traditional grad student seeking an activist to interview

I work full time as a B2B marketer and am attending grad school part time, pursuing a Master's in Global Strategic Communications. I'm looking for an activist to interview next week as part of an assignment.

This will be anonymous and your name will not be included! Questions will be around your experiences, observations and opinions of creative activism and more traditional forms of activism. I can send questions via email or happy to jump on a Zoom call! DM me if interested, please.

Thank you in advance!

Hey Loriann! Do you have specific requirements of what this person should be focused on? Or any type of activists will do?
Hi @iynna! Anyone currently participating in activism is great. There are no other specific requirements!
Okay hm brainstorming here maybe @reshmasaujani (maybe a long shot as I know she's pretty swamped given her very public profile) who did an excellent OH with us here last year (, same goes for @leighhoneywell who is a tech inclusion activist (, and other great members include @PatriciaGestoso who's very vocal about women representation in tech (and that's women across the board), @rebeckacarlsson who is a climate activist! Hope this helps!
Thank you for the suggestions! I'll reach to them ASAP!
Yes of course, best of luck!