Locker Launched Today!

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Hi Kristine: Congrats on your launch! Some feedback: I clicked on the link provided & it took me to a list of brands. Not a home page explaining your value proposition/why your customer needs to give you attention. There is no navigation I could see (am on desktop) at the top, so I clicked on 'About' & 'FAQS', though it did not take me anywhere, so these buttons are not working if are intended to be functional. I clicked on a brand (in the alphabetical list of 'stores') and it just took me to the brand's home page to shop I suppose? Maybe you have an affiliate deal w/these brands? Anyway, if this is a mobile app/google chrome extension, than would direct people where to download the extension (for us time starved/non tech savvy people who need it to be 1 or 2 click stupid/easy). Another resource possibly for your business is a platform called Fashion Mingle ( It is a 'Linkedin' -esk platform for connecting people in the FASHION business specifically, also w/in local-city fashion professional communities. They have a freemium membership, pro membership, and sponsorship/advertising opportunities. Melissa Shea, a founder, is a friend of mine and is very approachable/available to connect to. Check out their Fashion Mingle Masterminds on Friday's 1-2pm EST. I am a development consultant primarily in the performance sport/ski/snowboard/running/fitness area ( If you want to connect sometime ( I hope this was helpful... your concept could help emerging 'designers' get found for people looking to support their creativity and invest in something unique! Good Luck with your launch!
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Hi Christy! Thank you for your feedback! We About tab will be up by tomorrow! I also edited my Elpha post to direct you to the homepage where it explains the company and prompts you to Login and add the extension to Chrome! I hope this helps!
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Congrats! Just gave it a follow on IG. If you need any legal guidance, please reach out! IG:@lvluplegal
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Thank you very much!