Where are the best places to find interns?

I work for a publishing company and we are always on the lookout for interns for publishing, marketing, social media and design internships. We pay a stipend but I am at a loss for where are reliable places to look? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Local universities and colleges. Also you could consider offering returnships for folks who have been out of the workforce and/or people who want to change careers.
Returnships! That's a great idea! Thank you.
@tanmayisai runs an epic newsletter for uni students! Maybe she has thoughts here for you!
Thank you @iynna! @melaniegorman Feel free to DM me the details. I have a newsletter of 3000+ college students (in the US) and a 3000+ Tiktok for the job postings :)
@melaniegorman May I reach out as well? We're a two-person team at this point and could use all the help I can get!
Totally agree with looking at colleges! In addition to making connections with career centers, one thing you can do is look for English or creative writing departments at your target universities. You can email the dept administrator with your blurb and ask them to send out to the dept listserv. Depending on the focus of your company, Gender Studies or foreign language depts are also great places to look. Maybe this initial reach out could even become a long term partnership with the dept :)
Thank you! Super helpful. 😎
As a current college student who is interning this summer, many of my friends go on to find internships. It is a collaborative community (like Elpha) where students and recruiters often share opportunities, especially ones pertaining to entrepreneurship and VC. I’ve found all of my VC internships / fellowships this year on Ladder and can’t recommend it enough. 😊
We use Handshake to recruit interns: It is a platform that many colleges throughout the US use for job postings. You can select very precise criteria on what kind of candidates you are looking for and we already found some great interns there. The set-up process is in 2 steps: The company has to set up an employer profile first and needs to get approval from the selected universities. Then you can post jobs to those universities. Depending on the university, you can also reach graduates.
Wonderful, thank you!
I have made contacts with professors at local universities. They are are always interested in having a guest speakers for their classes to bring in real experience. Then I make a plug that we are looking for interns or hiring. It’s a nice way to give back and also get a nice selection of interns.
Great idea! Thank you. :)
I don't have any ideas, was just really happy to see your face!! It's been a while Melanie, I hope you're doing well and I'd love to catch up soon :)
Happy to see you here too Ravid! I emailed you a note back, looking forward to catching up and hearing how life and business are going! :)
Linkedin, Glassdoor, Idealist, and are some places I know folks use to find internships.
Thanks Bethany, we've been on internships but will def revisit. Appreciate the suggestion. :)
I'd go for a media-specific newsletter/aggregator (Study Hall, Publisher's Weekly, etc.). I've also had success recruiting through Twitter, though that's network-dependent. I also second the returnship idea. Not exactly the same, but I ran a fellowship for creatives who were looking to break into tech but were coming from academia, library science, etc., and it was really rewarding. We benefited from their high levels of editorial acumen, and they got firsthand experience on how their skills could connect to a new industry.
Thanks Anna, I've used Publisher Weekly before, but Study Hall is new to me. Twitter seems harder, but perhaps worth it if the niche is right. Thank you for the comment, it's all helpful. :)
Have you heard of flik - @michellekwok is the founder and she's amazing. I've personally used it and would recommend it for interns.
YES! I have and I have talked to Michelle, she's wonderful. Thanks for the note, I appreciate it greatly. :)
If you’re open to CUNY* freshmen and sophomores, I co-founded a professional development nonprofit called Diverse Influencers!*CUNY = City University of New York
Absolutely open to it! Thank you :)
@melaniegorman check out intern from home, I've used that site a couple of times to find internships previously plus find interns myself later on! :)