Tools/tips for DIY PR for tech startup?

Hi everyone, I'd like to start getting more attention for my startup in the press. I'm doing more and more public speaking and am quite active on social media under my own name but I'd like now to take things further, especially as we'll have something ready soon that I believe is newsworthy in our niche (video game development). We've been boostratppring so low/no budget to get PR pro on board.- Any tips, resources or tools to recommend?- Press page on website vs 3rd party website vs drive download only?- Do we really need a full press release vs a light relationship-building email?- Thoughts on taking a step back from your own business and usual narrative to find the best angle that will make journos tick?If it helps for context, here is more about what we do: www.wildmeta.comCheers!
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Hi Congrats on your new venture! Although I am based in a different region but here my thoughts1. Keep a PR section on the website, very important for media personnel to arrive at a website and directly get what they need in one place. 2. Light relationship building prior to few weeks of launch is essential – both with potential clients, journalists and influencer. 3. Readers would like to know how it adds value to their lives so journalist, in general, pay attention to that aspect of a product. However, a business journalist will also focus on how it reduces cost, time, how innovative your product is etc. Maybe you can post vendor examples on the website, email via video, article on how your service did ‘xyz’ for this gaming company.
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Hi @AmandineFlachs -- Love copy on your site. Stands out. I worked as a journalist for many years and now help brands at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST) get visible. I'm not in your niche, but one of my clients is in AI, and most PR advice is applicable no matter your industry. A few things I can share to help:- Press releases may get picked up by a few outlets, get you backlinks for SEO purposes or help with Google results (all of which can in turn help you get discovered, get social media/Insta verified status and other things), but they aren't likely to get you meaningful press coverage. They are mostly useful for the above and also when a public company has to share information to fulfill certain reporting requirements, at least in the U.S., looks like you're in the UK, so there may be some different nuances there. - The key thing is to know your story, be able to tell it very succinctly and to pitch it to the right media people. That means finding the people in your world who are already covering your space, news like yours, competitors and other aligned topics/themes -- for example, you can pitch your actual news, but in the future you can also pitch people who are interested in, say, female founders of AI/machine learning companies. - You will want to build a media list (if you have been in accelerators or other programs, ask them if they will help support or amplify your media efforts to their contacts), create a press kit (I do not recommend putting it on your web site publicly but sharing when asked b/c that way you can start a conversation with the person on the other side and have more control of who has access to it), write a pitch email that you can adapt and send it to the relevant, targeted people who are predisposed to care about your industry, news and story. - Also know that PR is more than just publicity pitching. Really good PR strategy ties into your social media, marketing and overall customer acquisition strategy. - Things that can sabotage your PR/pitching: poorly written, irrelevant pitches, sending information with a far too short lead time, really bad quality images or no images at all, pitching like you're selling and not following up. Always follow up. Hope all of that helps. If it's of interest, I have a free online DIY PR training you can watch. Again, outside your niche, but the advice will carry over. You can find that here: luck!Lorraine
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Thank you so much Lorraine!So many useful tips that I'll try to implement in my PR strategy, you're right there are many things that are not tight to one industry only. I'll also have a look at your training asap.
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You're welcome! Good luck with your next steps : )