Trying to transition into Product Management

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I don't have personal experience with either of the below but I've heard great things about: Product School: exponent seems to be very helpful for PM interview practice:
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Wow, thank you so much! This is really helpful :)
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Yes! A couple threads here: also, I think as you're navigating the transition, you may really benefit from having a mentor — and the platform I'd recommend for PM's early in their career is Merit which is entirely free! I've wrote about them here as well.
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Thank you so much! I will check those out, especially finding a mentor as well.
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Hi Angela, I found the Pragmatic Institute very helpful, though a bit of an investment. I would also read Inspired by Marty Cagan. I also recommend CSPO certification from Mountain Goat Software. Mike Cohn in particular is a great instructor. If you have any other questions, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and we can set up a call. I transitioned from journalism to product management and would be happy to share my experience. Best of luck to you!
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Hi Tiffany, I have heard about the CSPO certification as beneficial, I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn and chat more. I will send you an invite!
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I work in civic tech (government + tech!) as a sometimes product/program/project manager and would be happy to talk to you about the industry if you're interested. Feel free to message if you want to set up a time!
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Hi Kim, I would love to connect with you, civic tech is one of the areas I am looking at with a social impact focus, and have read a lot about it. I will pm you!
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Highly recommend looking into! It's a site to help career transitioners and they have a track on product management!
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Hi Eliana, they are a great group! I have been in contact with Ambika, and have attended a few sessions, and will continue to do so! I really do enjoy the visualization they provide in helping to understand which skills are transferable.
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@janetboachie this thread 👍🏼
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Yesss thank you!!! 🙏🏿
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Honestly more important than any bootcamp is your ability to think and act like a product manager in real life. I see many PMs out of the bootcamp not showing this in interviews. The best way to get there is to manage a product in real life, and the product can be your life and everyone in your life as stakeholders. I am saying that as someone who never gone through a PM bootcamp or MBA yet got an offer for a PM role that required an MBA right after the interview. I am not against bootcamp either, but there are other ways. :) Good luck and believe in yourself!
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Yes, completely agree, mindset and skills are important! Also, I love your analogy, such a great way of reframing experience. Thank you for the motivation Cindy!