Want to know how sustainable your investments are? Use this free check-your-fund tool to find out.

Hi Elphas! I’m excited to share a free tool I’ve been working on that lets you explore how sustainable your investments are!If you’re invested in an ETF or a mutual fund, chances are you own companies that have practices you disagree with. Want to find out where your money is really going?My sustainable investing startup Arnie just released a free tool that lets you check your fund and find out what you’re really invested in. Just enter your fund name or ticker and discover if you own companies that are high fossil fuel emitters, weapons manufacturers, lack board diversity, etc. While for now you can’t control what you own through these funds, Arnie will soon be giving you another option. Arnie builds you a customized individual portfolio that aligns your investments with your unique sustainability and impact values. Your money will be invested in companies making a positive impact & solving the global problems you care about, while also divesting from companies causing harm.It takes less than 10 minutes to build a portfolio that is automatically managed for you, giving you the ability to hold companies accountable for their impact, while also bettering your own financial future. Head to our site to sign up for the waitlist and stay tuned for our launch!