From incorporation, to IP, to fundraising - join our legal workshops to have your early-stage startup legal questions answered.**To join register for FounderPass: 1 Month Free with Code: LEGALFWLegal 101: Top 10 Issues to Consider When Starting Your BusinessThursday, October 8th from 12-1pm PST, 3-4pm ESTHave you found yourself Googling these questions? What do I actually need to protect legally? And how do I protect it? How should I think about bringing on co-founders and employees, or working with contractors and advisors? What type of company should I form? When should I think about hiring a lawyer? What should I look for in legal advisory? Am I missing anything important legally? Join this workshop to make sure you have a strong legal foundation in place for building your startup. Legal 102: Raising Your First RoundThursday, December 10th from 12-1pm PST, 3-4pm ESTIn this workshop we’ll cover what to expect on the legal side when you raise an angel or pre-seed/seed round. We’ll talk about the differences between funding structures - from convertible notes to SAFEs. In addition, we’ll review the basics of your term sheets. Join this workshop to get everything you need in order in preparation for fundraising.