New book about change and critical thinking (my first-ever book)!

I hope a little self-promotion is not out of bounds here. As an Elpha member who has always wanted to write a book (since I was just a wee tot, my mom can attest), and thanks to my co-author Paul Gibbons taking a chance on me—I have finally done it!!

My first-ever book is now available on Amazon and iBooks and I couldn't be more excited!

While the book is written for business and tailored to an audience of professionals who work with organizational change (which is arguably every professional), it's message of the importance of critical thinking skills is truly a universal message.

Any support from my fellow Elphas is HUGELY appreciated 😄

  • Get your copy now
  • Let me know if I can speak at an event
  • Provide feedback (if you are gracious enough to read it)

Amazon link:

iBooks link:

Brief description:

How humans decide what to believe, in their professional and personal lives, is vital. It applies to our interest area, the myths of organizational change, but also critically to life. Once a myth takes root, whether true or false, it sticks. Transmitted by the media and reiterated by gurus, it becomes a cultural “truth.” Take the idea that people are either left-brained or right-brained and that the latter are more creative. Psychologists debunk this claim until they’re blue in the face, yet it has mythological stature. Perhaps now more than ever, professionals, business leaders, workers, citizens, parents, and adults need better tools to parse and discern the deluge of information they encounter daily to help make decisions, especially when knowledge sources conflict.

Change Myths takes one of the 21st century's most important skills—critical thinking—and applies it to popular-but-mythical organizational change models and methods. It explores their veracity by applying critical thinking tools and an analytical lens to their origins and supporting evidence—along with entertaining anecdotes and stories—to help readers better sift through and debunk myths in all walks of life.

Citation (APA style): Gibbons, P., & Kennedy T. (2023). Change myths: the professional's guide to separating sense from nonsense. Denver, CO: Phronesis Media.

Wow!! Congrats on the book launch Tricia! How was the book writing process for you?
It was a crazy, insane learning process...just the whole thing! I can't say I loved every minute of it, that would be a lie, but I certainly loved parts of it and learned a TON!!
This is amazing! Congratulations, Tricia 🎉 Definitely not out of bounds to post! I added the tag "Show Elpha" for more exposure and to highlight the accomplishment 🙌