Switching Careers from Tourism Events to UX Design

Hi there!

I just recently got the job I thought I always wanted as a Sales Specialist for a catering company. It is in the field I studied, it's been the title and position I have been striving for since I finished school but it's still not as fulfilling as I thought it would be.

I've been wanting a change and I thought it was just the change in responsibilities but I've come to terms that it's more than that. My goals have changed and so have my desires.

I've been looking into jumping into tech and learning about UX Design and general digital design this past couple of weeks.

I've always enjoyed designing different branding documents and creating customized documents for the companies I've worked for as side projects. Learning more about UX Design, I believe this is something I'd be fairly good at but also something that will always keep my interest as it's an ever-changing industry.

Now the questions come that I'm hoping some UX Designers could help me with!

  • What is the average salary of this position? (happy to chat more privately but money is extremely important to me and I want to be sure it's always growing in this position)
  • Education-wise, are boot camps a good form of education and something that companies do see as good education?
  • What are the ugly parts of the position? Things you were you knew before entering the field?
  • Is this something that can become a more freelanced career?

Any advice on switching industries and careers would be greatly appreciated! I'm fairly young so time is on my side but I'm still scared to leave something I know I'm good at.

Hi @zophiaespinosa thanks for asking us here! I am not in UX but have friends who are + tons of Elpha are or have made the moveRe salary: check Glassdoor and the Ladders I can’t speak on the specifics but I know a lotmof members did go the route of bootcamps eg @Fergie a few years ago!Freelance: definitely! Do you have a portfolio or some work to show? It will help tremendously to showcase your work (you might even develop it as you go through the Bootcamp, should you decide to take that path)
> I've always enjoyed designing different branding documents and creating customized documents for the companies I've worked for as side projects. From what you've noted above, it seems to me that Brand Design as opposed to UX Design is more up your alley, where you'll be creating marketing creatives and not product design. For example, check out Color's brand design open role here:
Hi @zophiaespinosa, given what you're writing, I'd recommend pursuing career exploration, which is a process that is distinct from and a precursor to the job search, including a series of steps of practical learning and self-reflection in order to compare, contrast, and clarify which career path you are confident in pursuing. THAT is the process whereby you can confidently narrow in on which role, industry and environment is the best fit for you. In fact, I've helped numerous professionals to figure out, clarify, and pursue their ideal career direction. While pivots might seem big and scary, they're often more feasible than you think, but you at least deserve to identify which path would be the best fit for you first, and then determine what your strategy, approach or next steps would be. BTW, I'm Rachel, a Career Coach - My profile has a lot of info about me where you can get in touch and also book a free initial call with me if you'd like more support. Also on my website I'll soon be sharing a quick 7-step guide to effectively career pivoting so stay tuned for that!