LA Meetup Info

Hi everyone! I was wondering if there is a regularly scheduled LA Meet up and where I can find more info on it if so? If not, I'd be interesed in attending any future LA Meet ups!

I am based in San Luis Obispo, but would be happy to travel down to LA (I'm usually down there once a month anyways).

Tagging a few Elphas in LA who might be interested in this :)First our very own @teresaman and @MichelleFuentes As well as newer members: @heatherstewart @KristinaRettig @JDazin21 @ginakohler @aprilcox @nataliedeyoungricci @avajarden @maryamkmeurer if youre in town :) @gloryebinama @melaniecreer @SalesforceAlthea @CLG @meganglover @hannahbee @maxineow @dimitriacook @chelseavanicek @courtneytaylor Hope this is a good start!
Love this idea!! When will you be in LA next??
This weekend lol, but I have plans scheduled already. Was thinking Feb/March? Would give time to plan and invite others. Also if you know of anyone who has planned previous meetups would be great to include them!
I would absolutely be down to meet this month or next. I have to go up to Palo Alto for work sometime in March, though (week TBD).