Women's Retreat/Group Trip: Gauging Interest, Open to Suggestions!

Hi everyone! 👋🏼

Would anyone be theoretically interested in a Women's Retreat/Group Trip? Big picture I'm thinking we all go to a destination for a few days, spend half the time relaxing/hanging out and the other half setting goals/intentions, learning new skills, etc. Would love to have women leading different workshops.

I'd love to coordinate a trip like this, but wanted to see if there was any interest before going further.


I'd be down to attend but i'd need to better understand what the value prop in joining this particular and not another one, i'd also like to know who else is joining or at least types of profiles, if i'm investing the time and money i want roi which is of course tied to my own curiosity and desire to lean into the experience (but ROI could be in terms of fun, deep conversations, learnings etc)I think the place we're going to also matters, if it's somewhere i can get to super easily with my own means then i may be less interested than somewhere less accessible for xyz reasons (as you're deep in the travel space i suspect this wont be an issue though :)) What do you have in mind?
Hi! Thank you for your comments. I don’t have many answers for you at the moment, however this is very much in the early conceptual stage and you’ve given me great things to think about!
That's amazing, a blank slate to work with! I look forward to hearing more!
I'm absolutely interested
Yay! This is in very early stages, so it’s great to have some early interest. Any suggestions/requests welcome!
I am interested as well! :) Of course, it depends on where but I think this is a great idea!