Hi Elphas!

Random update, but because so many of my book club members came from Elpha, I had to share our first book club youtube video with this community!

Thank you to everyone who joined my book club! Here's a joining link HERE if youre interested in joining a virtual business and finance themed book club, where poweful brains 🧠 come to connect over amazing books!

We meet bi-weekly on Sundays at 7pm ET. I know this time doesn't work for everyone in our global community, but I will try to upload meeting highlights, as well as tons of content to ensure everyone in the community feels included.

A good chunk of our members joined to hold themselves accounatble to their reading aims and connect with like-minded people interested in finance/business. If either of these are end of year resolutions for you, see you at the next book club meeting ;)

Here are some highlights from our last meeting:

I will try to share more content before our next meeting on Sunday, Nov 13th 2022, so that everyone attending for the first time feels caught up. Be sure to subscribe to the YT channel and follow us on Twitter and TikTok @Bigboardclub


Love the update Vanessa!! Really appreciate it 🥰Ps I've also tagged this as "book club" and "events" instead!
Thank you so much!
@ChitraFrench @lsheehy @hummus @adorism hey ladies, Vanessa is already leading a book club too so I'll delete my post and let her take the lead on this. Happy reading!
Hi Marisol! Thank you for referring these amazing ladies over to my book club! Took a look at your YouTube and love your content, hope to see you there with your perspective as well!