This is the 3rd time I'm posting this because I met some fantastic new women to join my book club here on Elpha and want to see if I missed anyone!

Hi Elpha's,

The Big Board Book Club is a virtual finance and business themed book club.

  • We gather bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7pm ET.
  • Attendance for each meeting is optional, but the show will always go on!

We are starting with ''The Little Book that Still Beats the Market'' by Joel Greenblatt! Here's an Amazon link: Buy Here . Here's an eBay link for less than $10 : Buy Here

We'll be reading the first five chapters (50 pages in total)Take notes of anything interesting you see and would like to discuss with the group

I know some of you work in finance and are familiar with the market so that this book might seem like a beginner book. I picked it because I think it's a great book to build our foundation on. We will try to get through it faster, so we can move on to more challenging books. If you have already read the book, feel free to join the conversation to listen in and add your perspective.

Let me know if you want to invite anyone you think would enjoy this book club, and I'll extend an invite to them. I do want to ensure the group consists of young professionals in the finance or tech industry to ensure our conversations are of significance, therefore each new member will be subject to screening.

Our first meeting is planned for 10/27/2022, at 7 pm ET. If it doesn't work for you, get back to me ASAP. If many people do, I'll reconsider changing the time to Sundays.

We will meet on Google Meets. I'll send out a formal calendar invite next week Sunday for you to mark your calendars, have a meeting link, and names of your fellow members.

Email me or fill out the google meets form if you're interested in joining: [email protected]