Have you seen a nutritionist?

I'm in the process of learning more about what it's like to work with a nutritionist or dietitian in the hopes of understanding how to get more people the kind of support with health changes they need.

If you've seen a nutrionist or dietitian, would you please fill out this very short survey?

Filled out! Curious what you find!Also as an aside for q1 when you “i was part of a program” do you mean you found one and would meet IRL to track progress? I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant by “program”
Thank you so much! I meant either, but thank you for point out that that is confusing - I just updated the text to make it clearer :)
Yes I meant more, do you mean "I have seen a nutritionist (ie. an actual person) with whom I created a plan to follow" (like the traditional way ie. not through an app)
Filled out! I had a really great experience working with a nutritionist if you have any other questions!
Filled out. For the first question - I selected that I worked with a nutritionist; however, my extensive knowledge on food and nutrition is based on my own continuous research and interest. But I could only select one option.
Ok, thanks for letting me know and for filling out the survey!!
Your welcome. :-)