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Let's talk about Sales Cadences and it's basics.

To achieve success in sales, it is crucial to employ a strategic approach - a sales cadence. A sales cadence is a timeline of sales activities and methods that sales representatives strictly follow to captivate leads. It is a powerful tool that enables businesses to efficiently convert leads into loyal customers. By implementing a sales cadence, businesses can streamline their sales process and stay ahead of the competition.

Clearly, having a well-defined sales cadence makes things in your sales process run more smoothly and more efficiently. That’s because a sales cadence:

  • Maintains consistency by providing a set of specific and common procedures for reps to follow
  • Keeps everything easy to monitor and measure, making managing and optimizing the sales process simpler
  • Speeds up conversions by removing potential choke points or leakages
  • Allows you to quickly scale things up (such as growing your team or doubling your pipeline)

Advantages of Sales Cadences

Even though you're a solo marketer or a part of a large enterprise team, having sales cadences can be your best option. So, here are some of the advantages you can get from sales cadences:

  • Strategic focus
  • Efficient and effortless tracking
  • Facilities refinement
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Structured communication
  • Optimized resources utilization
  • Simplified onboarding

Sales Cadence Examples

If you’re looking to create your own sales cadence (or looking to tweak your current one), there are plenty of ideas to borrow from the following proven examples.

Example 1

Our first sales cadence example comes to us from Sales Hub CEO Max Altschuler. This is a widely cited sales cadence and works great as a starting reference

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Example 2

The next example works well for lengthier sales processes. It’s used by one of’s clients:

Example 3

Once again, we’re using a working outbound sales cadence developed by one of’s customers as an example:

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Example 4

Brandon Huang, an SDR at Yotpo, shares a 22-day sales cadence idea he says helps him produce consistent results.

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Example 5

Here’s a sales cadence example which managed to deliver some pretty impressive results. Carlos Montero, CEO at digital marketing consulting firm Biassa, says this sales cadence helped him book meetings with 11 of the biggest e-commerce companies:

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