Introducing YaYa, where busy women go to give & get advice from other women

Hackathon UPDATE: Our all-women founder team just made it to the FINALS of On Deck's Global Build Weekend, which kicks off in T-11 hours! Help us cross the finish line by taking 10 seconds to sign up for our waitlist at: with this wonderful community of Elphas a new platform: YaYa, where busy women go to give & get advice from other women.YaYa is an app made for women by women, as part of On Deck's Global Build Weekend. We are the ONLY team of all-women founders and we would so appreciate just 10 seconds of your time to sign up for beta access today: are struggling. A year into the pandemic, we're burned out, lonely, and we need help. Sure we could find answers “out there”, but we’re busy as hell. We really just want to talk it out with other women who have been there, done that. We crave real conversation and connection. YaYa is where we help each other.Give advice if you've been there.Get advice if you're there now.Find YaYas for every aspect of your life:CareerLove & RelationshipsParentingFertilityWellnessFinancesOur hackathon team of 6 women started off as strangers yesterday and we've gone from 0 to 1 literally overnight!Thoughts and feedback welcome and sign-ups greatly appreciated!
Amanda. This year has been extremely overwhelming for all of us. Women are leaving the workplace due to burnout. I am grateful to be building YaYa with you!
Thanks for sharing @amandae and @PaulaHernandez! Excited to see more platforms dedicated to women!As a housekeeping note - I've deleted your post @PaulaHernandez given it's about the same platform and kept this one here!
Thank you, @teresaman!
Signed up. Excited to see the finished product!
@Larissa88 Thank you for your support! You should be hearing from Team YaYa shortly - we're excited to onboard you!
This is really great! But the form asking for a one-sentence bio is a bit awkward since it’s unclear who the target audience will be?
@3hmii Thank you! Thanks for taking time to share your feedback with us. You make a great point and I'll pass it along to the rest of the team.
Signed up. Looking forward to this!
Thank you, @Hari! Appreciate your early support. Team YaYa should be in touch with you shortly to start onboarding you.
Congratulations on launching YaYa! Excited to see what's in store for you :-)
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, @iynna! We're very excited to launch the beta YaYa app soon! :)
Of course - curious what is the model? Do you sign up and get matched with someone based on the things you are working on/struggling with?
@iynna Great question! We're considering a hybrid model whereby (1) you can search for other womxn who have expressed a willingness to share about their experiences and (2) matching functionality where you're paired with another womxn who has been there, done that. We just advanced to the finals of On Deck's Global Build Weekend (which kicks off in T-11 hours!). We're hoping to put a (small!) dent in the burnout epidemic among womxn. We'll keep you posted!
Is there an app? /plan for app?
Hi, @KQ! Thanks for your interest! Yes, we're burning the midnight oil right now building the beta YaYa app as part of On Deck's Global Build Weekend.
@KQ I just refreshed the photo attached here (also on our landing page at to give you a sneak peak of what it looks like right now.
Love it. So at this point, what happens when I sign up?
@KQ Team YaYa will reach out to you with next steps at the email you provided during sign-up. We're so excited to welcome you to the platform!
I mean, what’s available in the interim? Web use?
@KQ you should be receiving an email from the hackathon team tomorrow morning with instructions to test out the beta app!
I know I wouldn't get by without the YaYas in my life ❤️and always looking for more! Especially as a soon-to-be mom starting a new company...
@JackieNeumann 100% feel you. For me, my inner YaYa circle changed quite a bit when I became a mother while I was working at a fast-paced startup. I've found that just as my daughter has grown and changed over the years, so has my friend circle. Sometimes it contracts (I've lost touch with wonderful friends through the pandemic this year), and sometimes it expands (I recently joined a fellowship and have met so many rockstar womxn already!). It's all about finding the right YaYas to support you along the way.
This is awesome! I just signed up. I was involved in a startup tackling similar issues (i.e. women experiencing burnout especially since many have to manage childcare/parenting while working full time jobs, during this pandemic) Excited to have a platform that focuses on empowering women.
@TanyaKhan Thank you for your support! If you're open to sharing, I'd love to connect 1:1 and learn more about you and your experience trying to put a dent in similar problems. On a personal note, I'm navigating pandemic parenting right now. I feel like I've just been treading water for a year. I'm ready to support any solutions that help move the needle for me and other busy womxn!
Yes absolutely. Happy to chat more. Feel free to DM me and we can figure out a time. I hear you on the struggles of being a parent during a pandemic! My mantra is 'this too shall pass' though some days I just want to get in my closet and cry hahaa... :)
@TanyaKhan Will DM you shortly to set up time for us to chat! Looking forward to connecting and maybe commiserating a little bit, too. :P
Was just chatting about this with my girlfriends. Y'all, I am TIRED.Much needed and welcomed. Signed up!
@arshiamasih I feel you. Been there, done that (and honestly - still there!). We're an all-womxn team and burnout is a deeply personal issue for each of us. Thanks for your support and Team YaYa will be in touch soon.
Just signed up! Think this is an amazing idea!
@biancaascolese Thank you for your support! Team YaYa will be in touch shortly.
I was literally thinking about building something like this @amandae after seeing articles that more babies than any year prior had been admitted to emergency rooms from shaken baby, broken bones, brain bleeds etc... in Ontario Canada! :( Women around me are struggling so hard, and I'm SO glad you guys built this. I'm going to send you an email to see if I can help out in any way. <3
@arina What saddening stats! The "she-cession" is a global emergency, and even (seemingly!) small efforts can help reverse this troubling trend. I read today that economists project that it will more than TEN YEARS for the wage gap to close to what it was *before* the pandemic.On a lighter note, I'm so glad we're connected now! I'll DM you shortly to set up time for us to talk.
Can’t wait to join!!
@amandae, Kudos for making it this far! Signed up.