Interview Preparation in public

I have seen on different platforms (twiter, linkedin, IndieHacker) that people are building their product/ side projects in public and also sharing their learning in public too. Is their any platform or channel where the community prepare for interview together?

What are your thoughts on joining such a community?

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Do you mean platforms where people practice for job interview together? I don't know if there's a platform dedicated to group interviewing but I have seen many communities of people with similar interests who then get together to prep together. A common example is with the famous case interview that all the management consulting firms have candidates go through.
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Yeah I meant to ask about platforms where people practice for job interview together.
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Hi @raibove! Yes, I'm part of a community that does weekly interview practice, prep, and overall job-search training. It's called Job Search Boot Camp and we meet weekly to learn about behind-the-scenes hiring processes in tech, and learn the strategies to stand out and land jobs. We cover networking tactics, what to say in the phone screen/interview process, how to articulate your key results, how to navigate tricky interview questions, etc. During each weekly session we cover new content, but we also always go into breakout rooms twice: first to practice our elevator pitch and second, to practice fielding a key interview question or concept. So it's a group that meets weekly to learn how to land more valuable jobs in tech and we practice interviewing throughout. We also have a Slack group that we use for news, job opportunities, and people post there to request additional private interview practice with someone in a similar industry or going for a similar role. We host an overview of the program strategies every Thursday at 11:30AM PT (2:30PM ET) and you can RSVP here if you want to check out and learn more about the opportunities to practice interviewing:
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Thank you for sharing this.
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@raibove I've also seen people initiate this in communities like Elpha. They'll say what roles they're interviewing for and ask for who may want to practice mock interviews. You could try posting and asking here!
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ThanksWould try this.