Mental Health Community App: A quick survey

Hi everyoneI along with 3 other women am working on a product to make mental health care more accessible to all. Can you please spare less than 5 mins to answer this survey? It would help us a lot with our design process.Form: you!
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Thank you so much :)
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Consolidated your duplicate post into one! :)
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Done ✅
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Done! :)
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Done. Couple of questions I had difficulty with: 1. Can there be an option for ‘figuring it out’ on the gender question? Many of us I’m sure currently in limbo and have no hard answer 😊 2. On whether I’d like a community with people of the same gender identity, would be cool if there were a way to say ‘everyone except cishet men’ 😆 because honestly that’s the only mixed group I’d be comfortable with but not knowing where I sit on the spectrum means I’d like differing viewpoints (this is only half a joke... ideally there would be a ‘note’ or ‘other’ option there) Thanks for building this 😊