Are you a computational chemist?

Hello Elphas!As a computational chemist, I find myself always perceived as the "odd" one. In chemistry circles, I'm not seen as a proper chemist because I hate lab work, and when I go to "tech" groups, I'm out because I don't work in IT or I'm a developer. Of course, that without adding the "woman" aspect to it.That got me thinking, could it be that among this community of passionates of tech there is somebody that works in this area too?If yes, please get in touch! I love to explore how we could atract more women and young girls to this career at the intersection of technology and sciences which tackles challenges in areas such as new materials and drug design.
Hi Patricia! I am a computational (physical) chemist by training and am now starting a job as a cheminformatics scientist in drug discovery. I definitely have felt very much caught in the middle of tech and STEM, especially coming from an academic background.
Hi amrosnik,Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know that my experience resonates with yours. Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn and don't hesitate to get in touch if I can be of help or you want to explore how to promote our career among other women and young girls.All the best with your new job,Patricia