How Projects Can Make or Break your Startup

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Thanks Naomi! Great insights, curious on #2 when you are a small team (e.g 2 to 3 people) when you break out the projects how do assign who will do what? I think it is also important for early stage small team members to not all work on the same things (as we all know when there's too many cooks in the kitchen, not a lot gets done)
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@iynna The optimal team size is between 3-9 people- so this is a great situation to be in. With limited context into your situation here’s what I’d recommend: -You want to avoid only having one person project so as to avoid having a single source of failure. -Have a project board where you and the team break out the project(s) work into bite-sized chunks and everyone is able to pull in the work based on their capacity. To many cooks in the kitchen is okay when it comes to projects so long as the work is sized/broken down collaboratively. Hope this helps!