How Should You Dress? (...if you aren't a cis white man)

This article in the New York Times this morning is a classic example of something that irritates me to no end: "menswear" fashion experts weigh in on the appropriate uniform for high-earning men. Yes, this article is about the Finance Bro, but the comments also discuss the ubiquitous Patagonia vests of the Tech Bro.

The author of the article sits near an upscale food court in a luxury mall, watching men in entry-level finance jobs pass by and not remarking at all on the fashions of the women these men work alongside OR report to.

Meanwhile, when women want to enter an industry like Finance or Tech, they have nowhere to turn to for advice or guidance on how to dress. Fashion runways are deeply irrelevant. This article talks about the big choice for men between black or brown shoes; meanwhile, women don't know whether wearing their hair natural or whether not wearing a blazer is going to result in them not getting a promotion.

Why is there zero discourse on this topic?