Is there diversity in tech? Quick survey :)

Hi all! 👋

I’m a newbie in the tech recruitment world, but in my first year working in the industry, I have met people from all kinds of backgrounds.🤓

That being said, I’m still curious about how much diversity we can find in today’s tech workplaces? And how do you all identify within those spaces?

It’s why I’m conducting a study on the issue of diversity in tech, and it would be great to have your input. You can help by answering a short survey here


I will, of course, share the results with the community after the study is finished.

Thank you!!

In the second question, "Other" is not selectable. And what do the questions about remote working and relocation have to do with anything?To your question, I have literally *never* in 20+ years seen a non-white person doing my job, so yeah, I'd say tech is lacking diversity.
Hi, thanks for letting me know about the issue with the second question, and for taking the survey! We included the questions on remote work and relocation just to the bigger picture of the current tech workplace. I appreciate your honesty and feedback. Thanks again for participating!
Filled out ! ✌️
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Amazing - I also want to direct you to our very own Elpha report on the top workplace for women used our own methodology so it may inspire your research :)
This is great! Thanks for sharing this!😊
Done!Best of luck with it.
Thanks for participating!!
Filled it out! Best of luck with the project!
Thank you!!