Is there diversity in tech? Quick survey :)

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Hi, I am working in tech for the last 12 years. There are places with diversity and others with 0 diversity and others just shy starting with it. Not sure there is one general response. It depends on the countries, regions, generations even. Just wanted to share my experience. :)
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Hi Gabriela, thanks for sharing your experience! You are right that while we look at general results there's a case-by-case view we can also take, I myself have worked in both non diverse and very diverse environments, hopefully it's more of the latter as I continue my career. :)
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In the second question, "Other" is not selectable. And what do the questions about remote working and relocation have to do with anything?To your question, I have literally *never* in 20+ years seen a non-white person doing my job, so yeah, I'd say tech is lacking diversity.
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Hi, thanks for letting me know about the issue with the second question, and for taking the survey! We included the questions on remote work and relocation just to the bigger picture of the current tech workplace. I appreciate your honesty and feedback. Thanks again for participating!
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Filled out ! ✌️
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Thank you!🙌
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Amazing - I also want to direct you to our very own Elpha report on the top workplace for women used our own methodology so it may inspire your research :)
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This is great! Thanks for sharing this!😊
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Done!Best of luck with it.
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Thanks for participating!!
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Filled it out! Best of luck with the project!
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Thank you!!