Hello community! πŸ’™ I was lucky enough to find work after three years looking, plus in the middle of the chaos that is 2020 and this is how I did itπŸ’‘

@MarySuperlano Huge congrats! This is truly refreshing and uplifting to hear. @Ramatu perhaps you can connect with Mary she may have some insights to offer as you currently navigate a job search :)
Hi @iynna thanks for reading, after being through a thousand no's there's nothing better than coming out on the other side! I just wanted to share my experience, and hopefully, it can help others.
Congratulations, Mary! Thanks for sharing that resource. Job hunting can be so draining most of the time! Could you share a little about you and your new role? I see in your profile it says Community Manager at Recrooit. And what specific tactics did you personally use from the resource you shared. Would love to hear more!
Hi Hannah, thanks for reading the piece!! I am managing the social media channels and content creatin for Recrooit, which is a recruiting platform that works through referals and community creation. How I got the job, honestly, I used a bit of all the resources, but what worked most was really focusing on creating a strong presentation with a good Resume and updating my website (also adapting it depending on the job I applied to). From there I think joining communities like Facebook groups boosted my search a lot, I never ran out of places to apply to. The other thing is to set a pace and take a break sometimes, the rejection can really hit hard and you have to look after yourself too! :) Thanks again for the support!
Thanks for sharing! I definitely see how working on your personal branding is so crucial these days. You're absolutely right about rejection and not being discouraged. We just have to remember that out of a million "no's" all we really need is that one "yes!" Keep us updated on your journey!