How do you deal with being a digital nomad and wanting security at the same time?

I have a loose contract at my apt and its been the deal since the begining, me and my partner leave in the summer and come back after.

We can both work from wherever and always works out but I still find myself wanting a yearly contract and a solid place to call home.

I know its a short time to be on the road, I'm still super anxious when I think about it 🥴

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Are you able to sign a lease and then sublet your place out (eg. a long term subletter) while you and your partner are travelling and explore different places? That way you can return home to a place that is furnished with all your things, but have the freedom to go away and work elsewhere.
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No, It's no possible we live in a great place so much that its a summer hotspot. So the owners come back every summer and rent it out the rest to the highest bidder, which we could afford but its way more than we usually pay. So, the plan this next year is to travel those 3-4 months, we didn't have to last year because covid they allowed us to stay put. I'm just getting so many second thoughts on wether it will work, be sustainable for us money wise and if we made the right call.
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Yay, exciting @MarySuperlano! I've been 100% remote for the last decade and can tell you that you've got some exciting times ahead. I spent ~7 years of that traveling, and just this year have gotten an apartment in Canada that I leave for 6 months to travel. First, I want to say it's TOTALLY normal to be anxious, the first time I took off for a 6 month Europe trip I had an anxiety attack at the pub before the flight! But the important thing to question is why you're anxious. Anxiety comes from the future and fear of the unknown, however, if you allow those thoughts to take over (and not let you fight back) then you'll miss out on some great experiences. Ask yourself 'what about not having a year contract makes you anxious' (HAVING them makes me anxious these days haha) or is it just the nervousness of the trip? My personal motto is 'as long as you have a passport, credit card a and your wits about'll be fine.' And by no means is that intended to diminish your apprehension, but just to say that after this much time traveling, I can tell you that the only thing that surprises me now are the views.How are you and your partner planning on traveling? Are you doing it a la carte? With a group or co-living company? Some little things that make my life a bit simpler when traveling:Accommodation: I don't like to fly in the early AM but I DO make sure I'm arriving at a decent mid-afternoon time (if possible) to check into Airbnbs and always have a backup hotel handy. Double-check cancellation rules and always take pictures of the apartment when you arrive, over communicate issues with the host. Get app on your phone and also ask the host arriving if they will do a speed test (hit or miss since a lot of Airbnb hosts don't live at the unit) Flights: Always check visa (and now vax rules) and make sure you're on time for boarding. Preparedness is the antidote to anxiety, imagine if your flight were to be canceled, is the response 'that's ok, time for a pint and we can get a flight on XYZ airline' or is it panic? The biggest hassle I've come across in the last few years is having to get a car to drive to my storage space when I'm back in Canada and swap out clothes in between seasonal destinations! That includes locking myself in a security cage AND being stung by a stingray. I'm happy to help talk through any of your plans as well as put you in touch with any colleagues I have in the countries you're visiting. Feel free to DM. :)
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Wow thank you so much for such a complete response!btw I LOVE YOUR MOTTO. I think I'm mostly aware that I'm actually ok and have the tools to figure things out but my mind like to create crisis scenarios for fun lol. The anxiety comes from the uncertainty of it all but it lessens when I hear from people also on the same road like you. The plan is to go to the US for the summer and travel around to see friends, my brother and her family, we haven't traced a route but we have a plan in the drafts. Great tips that I will keep in mind, and its so lovely to connect with a fellow nomad. If you are ever in Málaga, Spain (and I'm still here 😂feel free to get in touch)