Hey team! :)I’m currently an Ambassador at PowerToFly and I’m hosting virtual events covering topics such as remote working, professional and personal development.If you would like to participate as a speaker let me know! :DThe latest event I’m hosting I’ve invited a practical philosopher and advisor to cover a topic on Mental Detox and how to focus on things that matter.March 31st 1pm-2pm ESTI’d love to see you there!
ekuacant's profile thumbnail
@LindaMata, Thank you for sharing your post. I'd like to be considered as a speaker on Career Change if that would be of interest. I'll send you a message. :)
LouiseHeite's profile thumbnail
Hi Linda, thank you for sharing, I'm excited to join the session! I'd love to learn more about your experience as a PowerToFly Ambassador and would love to explore the possibility to participate as a speaker. Sending much love your way. Lx
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hi Louise! Awesome, I‘m looking forward to seeing you at the event! :)Sure thing! I‘d be more than happy to explain further! Wishing you a joyful day!❤️
sophiehebdidge's profile thumbnail
Hi Linda,If you have many people in your audience who are harbouring ideas for tech startups but are full of fear for tech, I'd love to be considered as a speaker. I work to remove the barrier to tech so that we can get more female founded products out into the world.
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hi Sophie, I‘m part of women-in-tech and ladies-who-code communities and I know they would LOVE to hear someone like yourself. I agree. We do need more female-founded products out in the world, and now it‘‚ the best time to do it. Let‘s have a chat whenever you‘re free next week :) Have a lovely weekend! Linda
Macauley's profile thumbnail
Hi Linda, What a fantastic initiative! I'm currently the COO at a medical device start up, and in past lives I've led operations/hiring for social impact companies. If you're still looking for speakers I'd be happy to talk about navigating the interview/negotiation process, setting work-life boundaries in the age of remote work, or how to consider a career in social impact.
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hi Macauley, Thanks for your response, I truly appreciate your interest! As a matter of fact, I‘ll have events running in the upcoming months regarding the interview/negotiation process, setting work-life boundaries in the age of remote work, therefore we have already an audience that would be very interested in that topic! Let‘s schedule a call whenever you‘re free next week :)Enjoy your weekend!Linda
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@LindaMata This even looks great! I'm a public speaking coach who helps leaders and professionals gain more traction in their careers and business through non-traditional speaking routes. I love helping others find simple ways to feel more comfortable and confident on video (hello, remote work!) and in-person (interviews, presentations, etc.)If that sounds like a good fit for your audience, I'd love to chat more.Good luck!Robin
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That sounds magnificent @RobinKonie 🤩PowerToFly is a remote-based company therefore many job seekers that land on our website would definitely use your advice :) Nevertheless, we have a variety of job hunters that are looking for some great tips as well!I‘d love to hear more about it! Let‘s chat soon!I‘m up for a virtual coffee next week.Take care!Linda
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Hi @LindaMata, I have done two talks for PowerToFly in the past, and would love to be a speaker if there's an opportunity again.
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hi @leenab😁Great to see some familiar faces! Thank you for being a serial speaker and surely there are opportunities for you to have another event!It‘s lovely to meet you!Let me know your capacity and we can schedule a call soon.Ciao! :)Linda
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Hey @eyrobinson😊Thanks for asking! All of our speakers dedicate some of their time to share their knowledge for a free event.However, we promote their businesses, feature them on our website and run several marketing campaigns for our speakers to advertise their work and grow their audience. Let me know if you have any other questions:)Cheers!Linda
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@LindaMata Thanks for offering this opportunity! I am a life and leadership coach for women in male-dominated industries, and I would love to be considered as a speaker on e.g., Leaving Perfectionism Behind and Striving for Excellence instead" or "Permission to Succeed. Why We Self-Sabotage and How We Can Stop." If you are interested, let me know and we can hop on a chat! I'll send you a message too.
MansiT's profile thumbnail
Hi @LindaMata - I have experience speaking on leadership during a pandemic, organically scaling orgs, digital hygiene (for both SMEs and the normal "user"). I work at a MNC as my day time job and run an international nonprofit aimed at the intersection of diversity and tech.
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hey @MansiT thanks for sharing this!😁 I‘ll drop you a DM!📩
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Hi @LindaMata -- Love the Power to Fly mission and this speaker series on such a great variety of topics beyond the usual suspects for job seekers. I'm a former journalist turned media & content strategist for ethical brands, and at the core of what I do is helping female entrepreneurs create visibility in ways that feel *good* to them. Women especially are asked to show up these days publicly in so many ways as a key part of their professional and career development, yet so many women struggle with this and find lots of resistance coming up even when they're highly accomplished, powerful, insightful people making serious impact. I'd love to be considered as a speaker on creating visibility that helps further your career AND fits with who you truly are as an individual. Would love to talk more!
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
That sounds very promising @lorrainesanders!😃 Thank you for sharing this and thank you for your kind words as well. You‘re correct! I think we suffer from being too modest sometimes, or we don‘t value ourselves enough to recognize our own wins and be proud of them! Let‘s jump on a call together! I‘ll text you a DM📩
lorrainesanders's profile thumbnail
Wonderful—just messaged you!
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@LindaMata Female founder of a startup here :)
ChristineFiske's profile thumbnail
Hi @LindaMata - I'd be happy to participate as a speaker.I'm a former tech marketing exec and now work with tech leaders on *personal branding*setting intention*leading with heart*creating winning culturesPlease let me know if you'd like to set up a call!Best, Christine
LindaMata's profile thumbnail
Hi Cristine! I‘d love to!😍 Thanks for reaching out!Let me know when you‘d be available!Best, Linda