Sharing a WIN: adyn featured in ELLE Magazine! "Personalized Birth Control Is Finally Available"

Like many healthcare startups, adyn was born out of a pain point that our founder @ElizabethRuzzo experienced: she was prescribed a form of birth control that left her enduring painful and dangerous side effects. A decade and a PhD in genetics later, she was still grappling with why birth control selection was so broken, leaving her – and so many others – dealing with adverse side effects and very little guidance on what to do next. All her training in precision medicine told her that there was a better way to choose birth control than trial-and-error. And so she built it.

We’re so excited to share that this week, adyn was featured in ELLE Magazine! The article sheds light on how common birth control side effects really are and the promise of The Birth Control Test, the first test designed to prevent adverse side effects from birth control, which launched this week.

Join me in congratulating Elizabeth on reaching this milestone!

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Thank you for posting, Laurel!