Just curious - where do you buy your baby toys?

  • Amazon
  • Walmart/Target
  • Local toy stores
  • others
In stores at: Target, WalMart, Costco/Sam's Club, off-price department storesNow that my little one is a toddler (and doesn't put everything in his mouth), I try my best to shop secondhand first, so I source different marketplaces
Never from Amazon or Wal-Mart. Their websites are full of counterfeit toys sourced from shell companies, with no way to verify the materials being lead free or free of toxic chemicals. If the toy is recalled, the company will just start a new account. I cannot trust those sites for safe toys. Target is much more transparent about where third party goods are sourced. Local toy stores rock!
2nd hand shops / apps (I used Vinted here in Europe). The vast majority of the toys my 14 months old plays with are made to be easily washed / sanitized so 2nd hand isn't a problem at all! And when he's done, I re-sell them too or donate (if I know they'll actually go to families vs the trash - selling for very cheap is a good way of knowing something will be valued and kept out of the landfill).