Thoughts on marketing a personal brand?

Hi Elpha! I would love to get my personal brand exposed to PRs and start getting featured to grow and market myself more. I feel like start up founders and business owners have more leverage in this area (as they should) as there are metrics to show and an industry + problem they are solving. Does elpha know a good way to market a personal brand and/or put oneself out?

I wonder if you could reach out to podcasts/magazines/blogs in the niche you're specialized in? That might be a great way to start out the PR process!
Hi @zulma160. This is exactly what I help people do—to stand up for their values in order to stand out. Generally I work with founders and solopreneurs, but my approach would work for personal brands too in many ways. I have some free resources here if you're just getting clear on your brand message and audience you're trying to reach: then I specifically support podcast pitching (which has worked for me personally, as well as for my clients!) too. Reach out if you'd like to chat:
This is exactly the help I need too! Will be in touch!
Awesome! Looking forward to chatting, @marymellino