Feedback? How Bay Area County Parks are responding to Covid-19

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I love the photos and the layout of the page! A quick question, I was trying to find the status of Mount Tamalpais State Park on your website but it doesn't seem to be on the Marin page. Also, this led to me thinking if a search may be something that'd be helpful so people can type in the name (or beginning letters) of a park and the status of "closed/open/walk-ins only" can be shown right away. Just a thought!
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@teresaman absolutely! thanks for your suggestion. state and county parks are currently run by separate govt departments so they have different policies regarding park access, which is why i organized them into separate pages (state parks: & marin county:, but i think you make an excellent point. i wonder if there's a way to merge them into one database and tag them so people know the difference. i'm thinking out loud a bit, but hope that makes sense :)
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Interesting! That distinction is new to me, definitely great to know even though it wasn't immediately obvious, thanks for clarifying!