Sourcing for tech dev projects - I run a tech consultancy based in Asia

Hi guys, I run a tech consultancy CevaLabs which develops tech solutions for clients, such as websites/ web apps, mobile apps, MVPs, blockchain & smart contracts, Machine Learning models.We are based in Asia and you can find more info on our website ( We're especially skilled in apps (we oversee a dev team in Vietnam including guys who've built apps such as the top food delivery app Demae-can in Japan) and blockchain (my co-founder coded majority of the code base for an asset tokenisation platform that was the 1st of its kind to be fully operational and a blockchain DAO - also probably one of the 1st to be fully operational).Would be great to chat if anyone might have projects or components they are thinking of outsourcing to a dev shop.On a side note, I'm also open to freelance business consulting projects, especially if you're interested in exploring Asia. My experience spans across early stage startups, where I've set up and led sales operations, sales pipeline, business development, user interviews. Would love to know if you're working on any interesting projects!