What you need to know about the Joe Biden Climate Plan - and how to take action

Climate legislation is complex, especially for those of us who don't work in politics/policy/sustainability, so I covered Joe Biden's climate plan for this month's newsletter.Check it out & learn stuff like:- Deep decarbonization is estimated to save $5 trillion in the long run & grow the economy 2.5x- Biden's plan promises a carbon-free power grid by 2035 but does NOT mention how it's priced- Some of his advisors are... fossil fuel executivesI also tell you 3 ways we can hold our politicians accountable! If you work for a large corporation, you have a LOT of power - political and otherwise - when you make that power known.One thing you can do between now and the election is sign up for text banking and ASK YOUR COMPANY to provide an incentive for anyone who signs up. Civic engagement is so important on a national and local level!