Looking to connect with FT Freelance Consultants

Hi friends! I am starting a freelance consulting agency and am hoping to get some advice from someone who has already done it.

I would love to learn more about Do's and Don'ts of managing a consulting business.

I have already picked up several jobs from Upwork and my network but want to make sure I am super organized and structured about it!

I am hoping if you'd had success with this we could set up a 15-20 minute call and I could ask you some questions.

I'd be happy to chat! I started my agency back in 2020 and have learned a ton since then. Feel free to DM me and we can set up a time!
Just messaged you, thank you so much!!
If you ever need some legal help, I teach legalese to freelancers one contract at a time so you can feel more confident and empowered in your business: Good luck with getting everything off the ground! It's a great time to be freelancing.
Call me! I've run a successful coaching and consulting business for most part of the last 8 years. Now I coach new founders, including founders of consulting agencies -- happy to have a quick chat. text first 424.346.2369 (US)