Webinar: Fireside Chat with PMO Proshttps://hubs.li/Q017HSCB0

👷🏻‍♀️ Building out the PMO function in your organization, or looking to gain insights on program portfolio management best practices that will advance your role?

Join this fireside chat on April 25th hosted by GM of Partner Success at Dragonboat, Bill Cushard and featuring Zemira Lalic, Director of Program Management at Bushel, Cédric Roy (He/Him), Director of Product at Broadsign, and Alexandre Diallo, Senior Technical Project Manager at Chatmeter, to discuss the evolving role and responsibilities of program and portfolio management.

Some of the topics include how to:

- Prioritize effectively using an outcome-focused portfolio approach ⚖️

- Define and get buy-in on product objectives / OKRs 🔎

- Negotiate and plan roadmap dependencies and resources 🎯

- Move up the ranks to a senior product leadership role 📈

Grab your 🪑 here: https://hubs.li/Q017HSCB0