Resume Help

Good evening! I was a software engineer and program manager/director of operations for 18 years and then made the transition to teaching computer technology/science (middle school). I want to get back into the commercial world and leave education, but I really need help with my resume! After a 12 year break from that sector, I would like to rewrite my resume to focus on skills vs. job experience, but I don't know how to get started. Is there anyone who has been through a similar transition or just has a lot of resume expertise who could help me? TIA

Hi @staciebutler Great to meet you on here! I would start with just that, grouping your experiences into skills versus by job title/company. You can create sections of your resume where you highlight 2-3 skills and then showcase a few work experiences per skill, which can be a combination of experiences from various companies. Happy to chat more on this topic, feel free to DM me. It's also valuable to showcase your career and personal journey in a few sentences to lead with. I can share a resume to help you get started.
Great advice! I'm planning on redoing my resume and this was helpful. Thank you!
Hi @staciebutler! I'm a junior resume writer who has learned from a professional. It can be difficult for someone to remember and write about their own experiences, so it can be useful to have someone help draw it out and craft the narrative in the right way. I do have experience in this, so if you'd like some help with the rewrite, feel free to DM :)