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This is super insightful! To your point about having a name that's memorable and defensible, I also liked Seth's note about owning the name in your space/domain.
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Hi Teresa,I clicked that link, thx! The challenge there is that it is almost as hard to establish a made-up (coined) or arbitrary name as a brand, as it is a generic (though granted, usually less expensive to acquire the URL). That is why I tend to favor suggestive names, which at least give the user or audience some idea of what business you are in, or your values, or a feeling or impression of what is special about you; something to hang onto and hopefully remember.
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Thanks for your insights- very helpful- struggling with a name right now for my passion - making ceramics has grown from the lockdown and the pandemic having affected my main passion and business, travel.
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Hi Sangeeta, yes so many people are finding time to explore new passions and business ideas during this lockdown time. As you begin to think about names, I good to hear my "4 Questions" piece at elpha was helpful. You may find some further useful thoughts in the FAQ pages of Naming Matters (
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Naming Matters looks AH-MAZING! I'm a professional namer (one half of the StokeSignals team ( and it looks like this could save us a ton of time pre-screening names. I've explored other tools for this, but none have been nearly at this level of awesome. So glad I saw this post!
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Hi Liz, and thank you for your kind words. Yes that is pretty much a perfect description of the best use of Naming Matters ( -- to instantly eliminate risky name choices, and save time, frustration, and money by focusing on your best possibilities. This works for professional agencies like StokeSignals, and also for occasional namers such as founders, people with side projects, new product dev within companies, friends exploring new business ideas, etc. Hope you will give us a try, and always happy to chat.