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want to pick up a part time gig - where to start?

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There are tons of roles that are part-time remote you can explore :-) Are you looking to do tech sales still or maybe exploring other functions? First off check out Elpha's very own job directory: and make sure to fill the tell us about you section so you can get roles straight into your inbox.The other thing you can explore is Angel List!
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sales or other functions, ideally would love something scrappy in an early-stage startup that i could do all sorts of things. i've had very little success finding legitimate part-time opportunities, but will check out the resources you mentioned. thanks!
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If you join an early stage startup, you are likely not going to be part time especially if you want to wear multiple hats... are you okay with that?If so check out this posting from one of our portco
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Hi Abiliu,I'm interested in hearing more about what you are looking for and your funnel experience. I've been trying to figure out how to share with elphas my interest in finding two contractors, one to work on funnel (Intercom, LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc) and the other a Ruby/back end developer. From the comments below sounds like I can put on the elpha job board? I did put the Ruby position on UpWork and got dozens of responses, 100% of them men (guess not surprising but still depressing) and mostly in far away timezones. This work is for Naming Matters (, I did an AMA for elpha a few months ago so lots of info about us there. Hope to hear from you and others who might be interested in working on this in-market business that visualizes and mitigates trademark risk for founders and creators -- within companies, within creative agencies, and as individual passion projects/side hustles --worldwde. SB