Tinder for Fashion Soulmates!https://www.shwappe.com

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Hi Hannah- I went the to Shwappe site and signed it, verified email and then it took me to figma design and i was not apply to see the mock up.Thanks Chitra Frenchchitraf@codemaya.com
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O wow thank you!! Sadly it wasn’t embeddable.So, sorry for the inconvenience but—Once on the website (www.shwappe.com)Click on the App which will take you to Figma. On mobile, tap on the top right to see the next screen. On the web, click the right arrow >I’m sorry for the trouble. I built it from scratch in 24 hrs with absolutely no prior design or developer skills 😅😅😅 so it’s probably not the optimal mock-up. But I wanted to get my concept on screen ASAP. Sincerely appreciate it!