Hi Elphas: I'm a former congressional chief of staff/comms director turned fashion tech startup founder.I'm currently trying to build a wireframe/prototype—and would love your recommendations on the best options:For example: 1) no/low code option- (I like building things myself, but is it the best use of my time? I'm not a techie but can learn quickly, built websites before after a few YT tutorials) 2) guided DIY route (have you guys heard of TechSpeak? 3) hiring a firm/freelancer on Fiverr. Upwork, other platforms --(if so any Recs?) 4) purchasing a template (ie. CodeCanyon) 5) free wireframing tools (ie web/app project management tools? (ie.,, What tools have you used and like?I would love to get your feedback! In appreciation: I'd be more than happy to compile your replies and share the doc (or you can enter your response directly here: Thanks!
If you want to start with wireframes, I really recommend Figma. It's easy to pickup (especially with the great training videos available), the free account is totally useful, and they just launched a collaborative whiteboard tool (if you end up going with a cofounder etc). You can make really hi-fidelity stuff in Figma and it shows really professionally. This is a good option if you end up going to freelancer - you can show them what you want them to build pretty specifically.
Thank you so much! Can’t wait to check it out :)
I wouldn't recommend spending money on any wireframes / prototype templates as there are many free resources out there, and also they may not be applicable to your app concept!
I would consider not spending any money right now. Just a paper and pen would be good to your ideas on a wireframe. Figma is good choice too but the view ability is a bit of a challenge
Thank you!@teresaman @SanthaKrishnasamy @emilypatterson I'm taking your advice and sticking with the free resources for now! Appreciate this community.