Raising investment for a business is a significant undertaking, especially as we head into a financial global recession.🌎You may think that securing venture capital during a pandemic is a challenging feat, BUT you’d be surprised that investors are still actively seeking to invest in new businesses whilst in the comfort of their own home...!...That's according to the Managing Partner of Mountside Ventures, where they help the most ambitious entrepreneurs raise their next round of funding (Seed to Series B). πŸ’ΈI have written a blog on 'Navigating the UK Investment Landscape: Securing Venture Capital During Lockdown' which I think may be of use to some small businesses looking to position for that next fundraise in the new year. Let me know if it is or if I should quit my day job!!!Blog: if you'd like to see some live action debate on investing and running your SaaS business in 2021, check out Sales Impact Academy's event on December 15th - an early Christmas gift🎁 Register here ---->