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I don't know if this is along the lines of what you mean, but I think when people say they are good at graphic design, paid ads, social media strategy, copywriting, etc., they aren't very good at any of them. Digital marketing just has so many areas that require different skills, and I've found that with people who actually know what they are doing, they go deep in one or a few areas.
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I agree with you. There's so many areas that require specialized skillsets...to claim you're good at all the above can be misleading. I personally feel like marketing agencies/freelancers should share that they're good in these 2-3 areas, but also provide services in xyz. As a result, the client is on the same page. Being upfront and honest with them is better for transparency and stronger relationships.
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In terms of working in marketing (I left it for tech), my opinion that I kept to myself was that most marketers are not actually data-driven, despite what they say. I worked in marketing analytics and it was such a struggle to get my team to even look at data, let alone strategize based on what we see in data. To them being "data driven" was more just being able to include a data point in a powerpoint to try to impress leadership.
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I see where you're coming from. There are alot of variables to consider in the data and some people don't understand which measurement(s) is most important. It's definitely off-putting when marketers can't back up what they're saying.