500 + Opportunities (Intern, Volunteer, Research, Write, Make Wine) : https://shortopportunities.comhttps://shortopportunities.com

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This is awesome!
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Thank you Abby!!
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This is pretty cool! I wish I had something like this during undergrad. Will all the job opportunities be based in the US or will you be expanding to other regions in the future? I'm not sure how much work this will be for you but it would be cool if there was an additional field "city or state" that you could filter.
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Thanks Mana! Right now, if an opportunity isn't remote, the city/state is shown! That's a really good call, and can look into that for V2. Most job opportunities are based in the USA, but some are remote :) Def looking to expand into other regions in the future. Thanks so much for your great feedback, it was super helpful :)
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Wow, thanks for putting this together! Super cool.
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Thanks Tina!
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I would love to post an internship with my startup that could lead to a full time position after my first round of funding. How would I do that ?
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Hey Wendy! You can submit an internship here: https://shortopportunities.com/submit and write in the Notes any specific details! Let me know if you need any help!
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Thanks so much for this. Was looking for something for our school - public, grades 6-12, ethnically (24% black; 33% hispanic; 11% asian etc) & economically diverse STEM school in Los Angeles with girls from all over the city. Will share with the teachers. Appreciate it. If anyone's interested in mentoring please hit me up: https://www.galacademy.org/.
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thank you so much for putting this together - such a win win - helping talent in need of opportunities with companies that need the support. submitted a couple of internships - excited to hear from some applicants. good luck!
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Thank you! Let me know if you end up hiring anyone! :)
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this is so dope! will submit some opportunities soon :)
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Thank you!!